Homebuying April 3, 2022

Time-saving Tips to Know Before Requesting a Showing

Here are a few things you should know about what’s expected of you during a showing.

First, call a lender to get prequalified. You need to know your buying power.

Second, drive by the home and through the neighborhood. There’s no need to schedule a showing if it is already eliminated because of its location, surroundings, environment, or other unavoidable features (i.e., it’s on a hill you’d never drive up/down in the winter).

Safety, courtesy, and etiquette tips

  • If you must cancel a showing, let me know immediately.
  • Stay together as we tour the home.
  • Make the showing adult only. We have no way of knowing if there are firearms, illegal substances, etc. in the home. Your child’s safety is very important to me!
  • Feel free to look around but leave personal property alone.
  • Don’t talk price inside the home.
  • Leave the property as we found it – Do not leave doors unlocked unless you found them that way. – Leave lights as they are when we arrived. – Watch out for pets. Help keep them contained—for your safety and theirs. – If damage occurs, notify me so that I can inform the listing agent immediately.

Remember the Golden Rule. Respect the home as you would want someone to behave in yours if they were viewing it in your absence.