Pullman Resources

Aspects of Pullman that I appreciate and enjoy

Genuinely kind people

There isn't a statistic or source that can be sited to capture the feeling of Pullman's community. Come and experience it.

Great schools

Pullman's public schools are top notch! More than half of Pullman High School's students participate in Advanced Placement® coursework and exams. Pullman Chamber of Commerce has more information on other local school options.

Excellent medical services

Pullman Regional Hospital is convenient, modern, and provides excellent, personal care. And if you need an out-of-the-area specialist, there are plenty who set regular hours in shared office space in Pullman.The Pullman Regional Hospital was ranked #1 for patient satisfaction in the state of Washington in 2008 and is consistently ranked in the top 3% nationally. See this site for a total list of Hospital Awards and Accreditations.

Cultural events

Whether you like music and the arts or sporting events, our local universities bring all sorts of great opportunities to enjoy. Check out the University of Idaho's Lionel Hampton School of Music.

Outdoor activities

Do you enjoy skiing/snowboarding, hiking, biking, rafting, kyaking, fishing, hunting, boating, camping, golfing, or anything in the outdoors? The Pacific Northwest has it! Check out Schweitzer Mountain, Silver Mountain Resort, The Coeur d'Alene Resort, Idaho hunting and fishing, Salmon Raft, Hells Canyon National Recreation Area, Idaho National Forests, Elk River Recreation Campgrounds, and don't forget to indulge in huckleberry ice cream while you visit Elk River, Idaho.


In Pullman's public schools, there are over 80 first languages spoken other than English and over 50 languages at Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories. WSU international students, faculty, and visiting scholars come from over 100 countries. 35% of WSU students identify as ethnic minorities. 48 U.S. states are home to current WSU students. WSU is among the top 39 universities nationally for policies and practices supportive of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer students and allies (Campus Pride Index, 2021).

Highly educated community

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the number of advanced degrees per capita in Pullman well exceeds national averages (Pullman: 65%, Nationwide: 32.1%).

Four seasons

Spring on the Palouse is stunning with lilacs popping alive everywhere. Summers are generally mild with heat picking up in August and September (averaging only 15 days above 90 degrees F). Fire season can bring smoke to the area. Falls have that wonderful smell as football season gets in full swing. Winters can be harsh (see the Snow section below). With the area's low humidity, hot summers and cold winters seem pretty mild in comparison to a lot of other parts of the country. See the Pullman Chamber of Commerce site regarding our mild weather.


Safewise.com rates the Pullman community as the country’s 15th safest college town. See Pullman Police Department’s website and excellent social media posts for more resources. Krista is a proud member of the Pullman Police Advisory Committee and she represented the group on the Pullman 2040 public safety task force.

Aspects of Pullman that I sometimes find challenging

The end of Daylight saving time

There are a few weeks when it gets dark pretty early—around 4:00 pm. Pacific Northwesterners need to consult their doctors and make sure we are taking enough Vitamin D.

Summer schedules around Pullman

It's easy to take convenient hours of operation for granted. But when the students are gone, it does not make economic sense to keep such long hours. It's best to check before you head out to a business in the summer months.


Pullman's winters can be harsh. You'll want to make sure you have reliable vehicle and good tires. Studded snow tiresare only legal from November 1 through March 31. See Washington State Department of Transportation's guidelines on winter driving.

Top Tips for Living in Pullman

Know what is going on around town so you can plan accordingly. Here are some important day(s) to keep in mind:

  • when WSU students return. It's probably best to hold off on non-emergency trips to Walmart, dining establishments, grocery stores, etc.
  • any home WSU football game weekend. If you're not going to the game, you can probably head out to stores and around town when the game is in progress.
  • WSU family weekends. Restaurants and stores will be packed. It might also be a good idea to stay off the highways, if you can. There is a lot more traffic and drivers don't always know where they are going.
  • during the National Lentil Festival. Streets are blocked off for the parade, a street fair where they serve up chili out of the world's largest bowl of lentil chili, and other festivities. Look for Tase T. Lentil and other local celebrities. Check out the schedule of events.
  • on the Fourth of July. Pullman's Chamber of Commerce holds some fun events for the community including a pretty spectacular fireworks display. Traffic around Sunnyside Park can get a little tricky. Also note that Pullman Transit provides free bus services during special events.
  • during Pullman High School graduation or prom. While the high school impact is nowhere near as disruptive as WSU events, it still may be cause for some planning.
  • any time you are on the road. Remember this is primarily an agricultural area. According to Heart of Washington, Whitman County produces more barley, wheat, dry peas, and lentils than any other county in the United States. Be aware, cautious, and respectful of agricultural vehicles on our roads.

Check out these community movies about Pullman!

Pullman Mayor Glenn Johnson
  • Pullman School District "The public schools in Pullman offer rich academic programs, and tremendous opportunities for children to extend classroom learning though curricular and extra-curricular enrichment. The quality of our schools is the result of the many strong partnerships that exist among parents, students, community agencies and organizations, and the high value the whole community places on quality education for all its children and youth."
  • City of Pullman "Pullman, with its historical roots in agriculture, was incorporated on April 11, 1888. It has matured into a community with small-town comforts and cosmopolitan amenities. Home to world class Washington State University, Pullman benefits from a diverse and international student population, Pac-12 sporting events as well as cultural and entertainment programs."