A Day in the Life of Krista

mostly just things I love about living in Pullman

Pullman Community Update
Seeing friends in the local paper with Pullman Mayor Glenn Johnson. Congratulations Brooklyn!
Cutting board and Ulu knife
Gifts for clients
Holiday Cottage Ornaments
Holiday ornaments
Beverly Carter Foundation gift
Special gift my dear friend and fellow safety advocate Carl Carter, Jr.
Cutie Pies playing with RE/MAX goodies
Cutie pies playing with their RE/MAX goodies
Cougar Basketball Game Klay Thompson
Klay Thompson's jersey retirment! Go Cougs!
Adwerx ads
Surfing the web and my ads pop up!
Beverly Carter Foundation Booth
Our Beverly Carter Foundation booth before the conference crowds appear
Shrouded Sky
Living in Pullman means knowing a few published authors. So proud of you, Sanan!
Brian Fearn neighbor
Running into a neighbor when preparing the house next door to hit the market
Ceramic bunnies
Cute little bunnies from a client
First-Aid Kits
First Aid kit giveaways
Client gift
Dropping off a client gift
Thank you card
Ultimate job satisfaction
Open House
Open House
Flowers from Clients
Flowers from clients are THE BEST!
Flathead screwdrivers
Client giveaways - flathead screwdrivers
Kitty cat
Kitty cat at an Open House
Judge thank you note
The Superior Court Judge sent a thank you note after I served on jury duty. How lovely is that?!
Kitty entertaining me during an inspection
Mentoring Oscar Draguicevich
Mentoring WSU punter Oscar Draguicevich III
Tired kitty
Oscar Draguicevich III
I trained him well.
RPAC Awards
Receiving RPAC awards on behalf of the Whitman County Association of REALTORS
Playing cards
Giveaways for clients - play cards
Paradox featuring our own Ray Wallace
College Hill Custom Threads gift
Gift from College Hill Custom Threads
Open House
Directional sign to my Open House
Jared Byers award
Very cool clients!
WCAR Community Service Awards
Whitman County Association of REALTORs 2019 and 2020 Community Service Award
Clients with gifts
Wild and crazy friends excited about their gifts and RE/MAX goodies
Colfax Office Opening
Opening of RE/MAX North office in Colfax
Clients in front of new house
Very, very special clients!
Facebook friends
Add me as your Facebook friend
RPM Express
Friendly faces at RPM Express - the best car wash in the world!
"Her head is small"
Flowers on desk
Flowers make me happy!
Fortune cookie
Fortune cookie wisdom
Daneal in Pullman Community Update
More friends in the Pullman Community paper Hi Daneal!
Salish Lodge The Attic
"Damn fine coffee" and pie at the Salish Lodge
WSU Gear
Another friend in the paper!
Frostings cupcakes
Gift from another agent. YUM!
Hello Kitty cleansing wipes
Birthday gift from my managing broker
Gift from In Laws
Congratulatory gift from my In Laws
Gift from Client
Gift from client
Gift from Avista
Gift from Avista
Gift delivery
Delivering a gift
Wilie's Honey Whiskey
Gift from another agent. So thoughtful!
Flowers from another broker
Anthropologie mug
Special Anthropologie mug from a special client
NYSAR President Induction
Goodies to celebrate Dave Legaz's induction as president of the New York State Association of REALTORs
Sweet & Spicy tea
Just because gift
The Congress in Palouse
Hanging out at The Congress in Palouse
Handbell choir
Playing handbells (lifelong dream!) in a Pullman Christmas choir....even got to do the fancy double bells in each hand!
Essential oils
Essential oils from a special lender
Thank you gift
Thank you gift from the Washington REALTORs for my RPAC donation
Hello Kitty thermos
Hello Kitty birthday gift from my dear friend Carl Carter, Jr.
Yummy Truck in Idaho
YUMMY truck in Idaho
HomeSnap 2020 Excellence in Client Service
2020 Excellence in Client Service
holiday jam
Holiday gifts for clients
Home stagging
Staging another house
Whitman County Association of Realtors
2029 Community Service Award from Whitman County Association of REALTORs
Holiday Cottage ornaments
Holiday Cottage ornaments
2020 WR Legislative Days
2020 Legislative Days in Olympia
Hello Kitty Cafe
Hello Kitty Cafe in Las Vegas
Hello Kitty cupcake
Hello Kitty goodies for my birthday!
Beverly Carter Foundation
Some of my wonderful friends at the Beverly Carter booth at R4 in Las Vegas 2020
Roses from Carl Carter
Birthday flowers from Carl Carter
RE/MAX colleagues
Fun times at the office with Jayci Cocking and Keith Kincaid
Knitted socks
A client knitted me socks!
Krista Gross yard sign rider
My mail today: new yard sign riders and another Pullman Community Update with RE/MAX agents
RPAC pins
My first RPAC pins
Card from client (I love my job!)
Cartier calligrapher
Cartier event with professional calligrapher Linda Schneider
Cartier calligraphy
Thank you for your elegant calligraphy, Linda!
Cartier calligrapher
First-Aid kits
Client giveaways - First-Aid Kit
Personalized writing instrument
Special writing instrument from very special clients!
Thank you note/cards in home office
Thank you card/notes on my home office wall
NAR Convention
Beverly Carter Foundation Board of Directors name tags for NAR convention
Welcome home gift
Welcome home gift for little client
NAR Convention
NAR Convention
Hello Kitty in stocking
Hello Kitty in my stocking!
Step Being Stupid book
Stop Being Stupid - authored by my friend and super star lender Carol Wirth
Hello Kitty Fizzy Pop
LOVE me some Hello Kitty
League of Women Voters civics book
A home I just sold is on the back cover of this League of Women Voters' civics book
Client gifts
Gifts for clients
Hello Kitty holiday card
Christmas card I made my first year at RE/MAX Home and Land
The Millionaire Real Estate Agent
Excellent book for a new agent
Face mask
Face masks were scare at the beginning of the COVID pandemic but a thoughtful and caring client made sure I had one
R4 ribbons
Getting our ribbons at R4 with fellow agent Keith Kincaid. We always have fun when Keith is around!
The RE/MAX ballon looks great on Melinda Dutton's sporty Volvo
Joe Pitzer, Connie Newman, and I accepting RPAC awards on behalf of the Whitman County Association of REALTORs
Washington Senator Schoesler and Rep Schmick
Discussing legislative priorities and defending homeowner rights with Sen. Schoesler and Rep. Joe Schmick in Olympia
Brother printer
Oh how I appreciate the freedom to budget and buy the printer I want, when I want, for as much as I want to spend.
Pacific Northwest morel mushrooms
Pacific Northwest morel mushrooms
Mont Blanc Princess Grace fine writing instrument
Birthday gift to myself for meeting my goals for number of closings per month in 2019
RE/MAX yard signs
New yard signs!
WSU student ambassador
Note from a WSU student ambassador I met during the Career Fair Coaching event
RE/MAX agent
Receiving kind words from other agents gives me great job satisfaction! There are some great people out there!
KG stamp
A KG stamp!
New yard signs
New yard signs!
McDonald's friends
It's fun to see friends around Pullman
NAR President
A lovely card from Charles Oppler, president of the National Association of REALTORs
Teenage bedroom
An entertaining remnant from a bedroom. Oh teenage crushes...
Homemade peach pie
A client made me a pie!
Beautiful peonies from Stratton Farm
Oscar Draguicevich III
My mentee Oscar Draguicevich's locker with the Carolina Panthers
Osprey Exterior
Mailing from my favorite roofers!
RE/MAX balloon
The RE/MAX balloon made a special appearance at the National Lentil Festival
Pullman Community Update
The Pullman Community Update
Hello RE/MAX Kitty
A dear friend and cheerleader made me Hello RE/MAX Kitty art
RE/MAX award plaque
RE/MAX awards plaque for today and for more to come
Goodies from RE/MAX Colombia
New Zealand business card
New Zealand RE/MAX contact
Australian business card
Australian RE/MAX contact
International business cards
International contacts from R4
Journey at R4
Journey ticket (and hearing protection)
Journey concert at R4
White Roses
Special congratulatory roses for a closing
Dave Legaz
Safety book from New York State Association of REALTORs president and Beverly Carter Foundation director Dave Legaz
Santa's sleigh
Santa rides his sleigh through the neighborhood! (Can you tell I'm excited?)
RPAC pins
RPAC pins
Steel-cut oats
Gift from the Salish Lodge
Custom rider
Sharing a custom yard sign rider with other agents
Go-Giver Book
Thank you card for giving the Go-Giver book (passing on the gift given to me from WR President Kitty Wallace)
Thank you card
Sweet card from wonderful clients
Morel mushrooms
Local morel mushrooms from Idaho - yum!
Gifts for homebuyers
Knotty Tie scarves
I love giving custom-made Knotty Tie scarves!
Thursday tour cookies
Cookies for agents during Thursday's realtor tour
Beverly Carter Foundation Board of Directors president
Note from the Beverly Carter Foundation Board of Directors President
Twin Peaks
Twin Peaks gear at Salish Lodge
Whiteboard weekly calendar
Dinner with clients - we made the important weekly calendar on the family whiteboard!
MGM Grand drinks
MGM Grand drinks
Morimoto Las Vegas
Morimoto Las Vegas
Mikimoto in Las Vegas
Yummy food at R4 Conference!
MGM Grand Lobby
MGM Grand in Las Vegas before the PAC-12 men's basketball tournament (Go Cougs!)
Thank you cards
The wall of cards/notes in my home office
Women's Council of REALTORs
A kind note from Jennifer Shupe, President Women's Council of REALTORS® Spokane Eastern-Washington
Robert Ingersoll saying
I'm so proud that this quote greets our guests at the RE/MAX Home and Land office
Women's Council of REALTORs Facebook post
Women's Council of REALTORs
Gifts from Women's Council of REALTORs
Client gifts
Gifts to clients
West Virginia t-shirts
It's fun to come across West Virginia University shirts in my local Pullman stores (How 'bout 'em 'eers!)
Client Gift
Client gifts
WR Legislative Steering Committee
So excited to serve on the Washington REALTORs Legislative Steering Committee
Zucchini Bread
A client me made zucchini bread
Seattle Seahawks