Krista helped me to go through first time home buying with ease. She was very resourceful and understanding. She was very quick in response to any questions and concerns I had. Above all that, Krista would definitely give us the best advice, go above and beyond to get me my dream home.

Ray S.

First-Time Homebuyers

Steps to the Homebuying Process


Discuss your wants and needs with Krista


Talk to a lender to determine your purchasing power

Home Search

Check for listings, drive by home for a preview, then go on a showing.

Real estate purchases are often the largest financial transactions of our lives. Yet we do it so rarely that it is difficult to feel comfortable with the forms, the legalese, the players, and the whole process. It is essential that you are prepared. Here are some expert-vetted secrets to find your dream home, land a loan, and ace your home-buying adventure without a hitch. For even more info to guide you through your home-buying journey, take a look at's First-Time Home Buyer Resource Center. 

Use this handy tool to see how much home you can afford to spend on a home and monthly payment
BEWARE! Many online loan calculators (including this one) do not incorporate taxes or insurance into their monthly estimate. Although you have the option not to pay those out of an escrow and instead pay them on your own, you still owe them. They are still part of your monthly expenses.