Steps to the Homebuying Process in Pullman

Agent Discussion

Analyze your wants and needs (i.e., 3-bed, 2 -bath home with 2-car garage).


Meet with mortgage broker. Determine your purchasing power with mortgage prequalification.

Initial property elimination

Review listings online. Drive by properties. Eliminate any definite "no"s.


Visit properties with Krista

Selection and Offer

1. Select a home to buy. 2. Decide key elements of your offer:purchase price, earnest money, closing date, and down payment. 3. Write an offer with Krista.

Offer Negotiations

Accept, reject, or counter

Offer Acceptance!


Deposit earnest money ASAP!


Apply for loan and work with your lender.


Schedule inspection ASAP!

Underwriting and Appraisal

Enter a description

Loan Approval

Enter a description


Deposit down payment and closing costs.Sign closing documents and loan papers.


The lender funds the loan and the title company records the deed. Get the keys! WELCOME HOME!

Review and Refer

Provide feedback on Krista's performance. Refer Krista to your friends and family!